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Mindfulness and Archery

The Spiritual Warrior

December 12-17 2021​          February 13-18 2022


March 27 - April 1, ​2022


Experience: Beginner 

Workshop Duration:  6 Days

The path of the Spiritual Warrior is to consistently prepare to face the universal enemy: self-ignorance.  In this 6 day workshop you will employ archery, yoga and meditation to bring awareness to your True Self.  

Your path as a Spiritual Warrior begins with bringing awareness to the Anamaya Kosha, or our physical sheath. Listen intently as you bring awareness to your Anamaya Kosha.  Experience the subtle changes in your body, as you rhythmically move through asana sequences especially designed to gently awaken the muscles which you will employ during the archery ritual.  

During the archery ritual focus on the present moment as you explore the shot process.  Learn to let go…at first focusing on letting go.  Then, with practice, we learn to release without consciously thinking about it.  

Experience The Spiritual Warrior  Level 1 course and begin to discover how you are an integral part of what happens next.  

Self Awareness

Self Awareness











Workshop Outline:

Day 1

Welcome, Dinner, Settle In

Day 2

 Morning: Asana Practice, Breakfast, Archery Practice, Archery Philosophy,

Lunch (12pm)

(Relax and reflect / journal writing)

Afternoon:  Archery Exploration, Beach Time​,

Dinner (6:30)


Morning: Asana Practice, Breakfast, Archery Practice, Archery Philosophy,

Lunch (12pm)

(Relax and reflect)

Afternoon: Warmup, Archery Practice, Meditation

Dinner (6:30)

Evening Fire Side Chat 

Day 4

Morning:  Day for Reflection and Exploration

 Day 5

Morning:  Asana Warmup, Breakfast, Archery Practice, Archery Philosophy

Lunch (12pm)

(Relax and reflect)

Afternoon: Warmup, Archery Practice, Meditation,

Roots to Shoots

Day 6

Breakfast & Departure

Included in Pricing:

 3 Organic Vegetarian Meals a Day

Shared Accommodations

1 Group Excursion

Concierge Assistance for Airport Transfer

All Archery Equipment 

Spiritual Warrior Tuition

Price:  $999 USD

Private accommodations available upon request at an additional cost.  

Heather spiritual focus.jpg

What exactly is it?

The Spiritual Warrior is a course in which the many parallels between Archery and Yoga are explored  and experienced through asana practice, archery, and class discussions.  

What is the intention?

At Pura Veda we have been exploring these practices for years and we know that we will continue to learn from our personal experience and study.  We are happy to provide the space and the curriculum for people to embark on their own journey.  

Becoming a Spiritual Warrior entails becoming aware of who we truly are, keeping a sense of physical, mental and spiritual balance, and continuously bringing to awareness the subtle impacts that come with the creation of our thoughts, words, actions, and habits.  


Why take the course?

Take time to explore, contemplate, and reflect during silent hours

Begin to clear physical energy channels through asana practice

Help improve focus, self awareness, self control, and self esteem

Learn to trust your intuition

Learn to shoot a bow safely

Experience archery through a yoga lens


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