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Spiritual Warrior:  
The Way of Archery  

6 Day Spiritual Warrior:
The Way of Archery 

Dec 3 - 9, 2023         June 23 - 29 2024


July 28 - Aug 3 2024

Workshop Duration:  6 Days

In this course you will learn archery technique, safety and how archery can become a mindful experience. Begin your journey by learning how to safely shoot a bow and arrow, care for the tools used in archery, and the biomechanics behind the shooting technique.  While you learn the biomechanics of the archery shot cycle, take an inward journey as you explore self awareness in body, mind and spirit.  Discover how the lessons on the range can help us grow as individuals. 


During this course explore how self ignorance is the universal enemy, and how self awareness can help us grasp our true nature. The bow and arrow will become a tool representing self awareness and self awareness will in turn help restore balance in today's hectic lifestyles. Establish yourself in being, then take action.  If you are interested in becoming more patient, present, focused and compassionate with yourself and others join us for this 6 day exploration.  


As part of the journey we will explore Yoga Asana’s and Yogic Philosophy to help make connections between the lessons we learn in the archery workshops and apply them to daily living.  Self reflection through journaling prompts and contemplation time will allow each individual the opportunity to digest the insights revealed.  


We provide a safe environment for everyone to open their hearts and search for their true self. After all, we are more than labels, thoughts, words and actions.  

Spiritual Warrior Sample Schedule:


7:00 - 7:45 a.m. Yoga and Mindful Movement  


8:00 - 8:30 a.m.   Breakfast


9:00 - 11:00 a.m. Mindful Archery Exploration: Theory, Concepts, and Practice


11:00 - 11:30 a.m.Q and A


11:45 a.m. - 1:45 p.m. Lunch/ Free exploration  


2:00 - 4:00 p.m. Mindful Archery Exploration: Theory, concepts, and practice


4:00 - 6:00 p.m. Reflection and Exploration time 


6:00 p.m. Dinner



Three meals a day / Organic when possible


Daily asana and meditation sessions to warm up the mind, body and soul


All equipment needed for the archery workshops


Safe environment to explore and share 



Individual or shared accommodations for the length of the course (6 nights / 7 days)


PRICE (Early Bird Pricing Available).

Pricing: Early Bird / Regular


Aum Cabin - Hexagon Bungalow (Private Bathroom, A/C & Patio)

Shared - $1300/ $1500 per person


Western Air Temple Vayu (A/C & Balcony)

Private Room/Shared Bathroom with 2 others $1325/$1525


Western Air Temple Tejas (A/C)

Shared Room with 1 person/Shared Bathroom with 2 others $1250/$1450


Western Air Temple Apas (A/C & Balcony)

Private Room/Private Bathroom $1450/$1650


Humble Abode (Private Patio)

Private Room/Shared Bathroom - $1250/$1450 per person 

Tenting Options (we have 2 tenting options on campus)

Private tent with shared bathroom and shower $1400 / $1200

Casa Mariposa (off campus 3 minute walk - A/C)

Private Room/Private Bathroom/Living Room/Kitchen - $1400/$1600 per person 

Rincon de Don Victor (off campus housing 5 minute walk)

Private Cabin with A/C & Pool - $1425/$1625


*Please view our Accommodations page for more details and pictures of housing.

**Excludes airfare 


Airport Transfer:


Group airport transfer to Pura Veda / Group airport transfer to Liberia Airport.  


We include one group pick up and drop off at Liberia Airport on the first day of the retreat and last day of the retreat, please arrange travel accordingly. 

Rob Archery_edited_edited.png

What exactly is it?


The Spiritual Warrior is a course in which the many parallels between Archery and Yoga are explored and experienced through asana practice, archery workshops, and class discussions.  

What is the intention?

At Pura Veda we have been exploring these practices for years and we know that we will continue to learn from our personal experience and study.  We are happy to provide the space and the curriculum for people to embark on their own journey.  

Becoming a Spiritual Warrior entails becoming aware of who we truly are, keeping a sense of physical, mental and spiritual balance, and continuously bringing to awareness the subtle impacts that come with the creation of our thoughts, words, actions, and habits.  


Why take the course?

Take time to explore, contemplate, and reflect during silent hours

Begin to clear physical energy channels through asana practice

Help improve focus, self awareness, self control, and self esteem

Learn to trust your intuition

Learn to shoot a bow safely

Experience archery through a yoga lens


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