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Your stay at Pura Veda helps support organic farming, composting, soil remediation, grey water treatment and filtration systems, permaculture design, planting medicinal plants and native species to increase biodiversity.  Our practice of living mindfulness and yoga integrates all our teachings in the way we choose to live and care for our land.  It is our hope we can leave the land better than we received it.  It is our honor to care for this land and we are in deep gratitude for everything that it provides to sustain ourselves and the many other participants of our eco-system.


Biojardinera / Grey Water Filter

To the left appears a picture of our biojardinera or our grey water filtration system.  Simply put, it is a whole dug into the ground, lined with impermeable material and filled with different sized stones.  Then we planted different endemic plants that like and require a lot of water.  These plants are usually found along river banks and in or near lakes. 

Grey water from our kitchen flows out the tube seen in the picture.  It flows into the biojardinera where the stones and plants help filter the water.  The stones and plants take care of the task of eliminating contaminants in the water and then the clean water is filtered out via another pipe to the rest of the plants (just waiting for a drink).

You see, even though Costa Rica is in the tropics, Guanacaste does have a long dry season.  Our thinking is, how to keep water clean and make the most efficient use and re-use out of it.  


Our Sustainability Efforts

"If the minds of living beings are impure, their land is also impure. However, if their minds are pure, so is their land." ~Nichiren 

Compost Pickup Service

Compost: striving for zero waste

Feel good about your stay.  The scraps from food that you do not consume go into our compost which in a short period of time feeds Mother Earth. We use our compost to help nourish the medicinal plants, fruit trees and flowers that are grown on the property.  

Pura Veda would like to thank Dr. Fabricio Camacho (Ph.D. Agricultural Production Systems * Associate Director Operations at CIEE Global Institute Monteverde) for his help and guidance with our biojardinera, compost and the creation of our Mountain Micro-organisms culture.  

Mandala Food.jpg

Local & Organic

Treat yourself to organic high prana (energy) sattvic (energy of clarity) yogic and ayurvedic meals that will help make you feel rejuvenated and energized. Whatever is not grown on the property is purchased from Organic Nosara (thanks Jazmin and Johan!).  Fresh organic vegetables and fruit brought to us with love (and without plastic wrapping).  

Cob Oven Build Workshop

with Javi Paixao

Thank you to those who attended the workshop.  

Coming soon more sustainable building workshops, so check in periodically. 

Permaculture Swales Video

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