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Forest Meditation: Disconnect to Reconnect

Updated: Sep 6, 2019

In today’s world, we go to bed thinking about all the things we need to do  tomorrow and we awake continuing to think about all the things we need to do.  Have we really rested?  Do we feel rejuvenated and re-energized to take on a new day?  Rest and rejuvenation are important because many of us must balance and fulfill various roles in the course of one day - such as our role as a son, daughter, parent, spouse and partner. Add to that our role at work.  To boot, "advances" made by technology allow us to be connected to the web, news and social media at all times and distract us from exploring our individual self. With all the conveniences and access to material goods, are we truly happier? Do we feel fulfilled or living with purpose? Have we eliminated disease?  

Ironically, it has been quite the opposite.  There has been an increase in ailments that are linked to first world development. Some of these ailments include anxiety, stress, depression, obesity, insomnia, attention deficit disorder, indigestion-related issues, allergies, skin sensitivities, etc. We have traded in our physical and mental well-being for convenience.  

By actively removing yourself from modern day society and all of its distractions, Forest Bathing provides a tranquil and comfortable space for you to explore your inner self and connect with a universal consciousness.  In Forest Bathing, you completely immerse yourself in nature and stay still, observe and become aware of the different sensory stimulations while practicing to breathe. Listen to the sounds of the birds or the rushing water. Remove yourself from time and experience all these sounds. Slowly inhale and exhale as you stay focused on these sounds and use this experience to reconnect with all the energy around you. Let go of any feelings of stress and tension as you exhale. And continue this exercise for as long as it feels comfortable, realizing that the more you practice, the more comfortable you will become with the passing of time.


Richard Louv coins the term “Nature Deficit Disorder”.  We believe we can survive even though we have disconnected ourselves from nature. 

Many of us live in cities surrounded by more concrete than trees.  And many of us that live away from cities are still distanced from nature even though it surrounds us. Perhaps, your busy daily routine or needing to deal with the realities of life do not allow you to fully appreciate the healing energy of your surroundings.  Forest Bathing provides you an opportunity to be present, focus on breath and sit or walk in a high-vibrational environment filled with lots of prana.  By listening to the sounds, observing the beautiful scenery and taking in the aroma of the leaves and flowers, you will learn to remain in the  present even when thoughts infiltrate your mind.  Sitting in silence surrounded by the strength and grounding nature of trees helps to balance the many things people try to accomplish in their everyday lives. Nature will provide the ideal ambiance for reconnecting  you with your inner self and developing or enhancing your connection to universal energy.  

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